Martina Lapiko

 Apartments to rent in an old fishermen house from 1780 , located in the centre of the town named Ea.


Martina Lapiko is an old house built by stones. It has three floors divided in two different apartments and it has been restructured in 2017 following the previous structure.

The house is located in the centre of the town and 50m away from the parking lot and the beach.

The town is divided in two streets by the river side, and those streets take you to the sea. An special thing to know about the town Ea is how the low tide makes the water sea dissapear. It is common to see how the boats stay on the sand waiting the water come.

With the low tide is a very extended beach, however, with the high tide it looks like a natural swimming pool. It is perfect for the kids because it is a really safe beach, and also very confortable to practice sports such as kayak-ing, stand up paddel, diving…

By the dock you can enjoy sweet water showers, public restrooms… And also there is a tinny bar where you can have so many cool drinks. The town Ea is really beautiful to visit where you are sorrounded by nature.

It is so tipical to drink wine acompained by the “pintxos” or taste the fresh local product just in the beach.

Despite is a little town, you can found a pharmacy, lodging house, doctors, buses, taxis, menu of the day and a different kind of bars.

You can feel the good atmosphere during the summer time in Ea, and in so many times you can enjoy a life music show.

With a simple “Agur” (that means goodbye) or an “Eskerrik asko” (wich means thank you) and with “Egunon” (that means good morning)…You can make the people from the town really happy and they will make you feel like home.