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Must see beaches…

There are so many beaches just 15 minutes away by car (see google maps) that you can’t miss.

The first one is Laida, a really long beach with easy way to go in, with parking lot, restaurants, and incredible views to the Izaro island and Mundaka.

It is perfect to walk, to rest, for kayaking, to kite surf…


If we drive 5 minutes more straight to Ibarrangelua we can see Laga beach, with the incredible view to the crag named Ogoño.

Here you can find a tiny bar with a very good atmosphere, where you can enjoy really tasty pizzas.


From Ea, in 15 minutes away there is Lekeitio, a very special fishing village. And here also you can go to the beach Karraspio, that is located in the municipality of Mendexa, where you can enjoy the island named Garraitz.

There is acces by car to the parking lot or giving a nice walk on the sand if we match the low tide, that’s a really spacial walk.


And finally, for the surfers there is Ogeia in the town named Ispazter.

You can also enjoy a little beach around with less people. Even if it is a boulder beach with a little skill you can find a place to put a towel.