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Towns that overflow tradition…

Lekeitio is an small village with old customs and lots of tradition.

It has a really pretty beach, but it is also important to visit the old part of the town where we can see a big part of his artistic heritage.

In the square in front of the town hall you can see the church of Santa Maria with his marvellous gothic altarpiece bathed in gold.

There are also some palace to visit such us: Uriarte, Oxangoiti, Uribarri and Abaroa.

Have a walk through the harbor, see the ladies selling the fish next to the boats, take the brunch on the terrace of a tavern…and enjoy the views of Cantabrico.

Not to forget about Arranegi, where we will soak up the customs and culture of the people.


Unique towns with unique bus stops!

The bus has a different system to turn around by an automatic platform, because there is not place enough.

However, the town of Elantxobe is unic because the distribution of the streets.

The houses are located a very special way, itseems like they are hanging with the view of the port.

The descending walk between streets is the best way to get to know this little fishing village.

And once in the port, bars, restaurants and a natural pool of sea water that allows us to enjoy a peaceful bath in the Bay of Biscay.


Towns with history…

About Gernika, it is important to say that it suffereed a very hard attack 80 years ago, that is why Picasso made his famous painting.

But there are also endless plans to make … A “cesta punta” game in the Jai Alai pediment, a visit to the house of meetings, the museum of peace, countless restaurants of great quality and an atmosphere in its streets that invites to get carried away by customs.